As a boutique agency run and owned by senior consultants who have recruited nationally and internationally for over ten years we know a thing or two about getting you the perfect job. We offer our candidates a personalised service providing direction, support and open communication. CBD  works closely with many high profile clients and we are always happy to receive RESUME’s from skilled candidates looking to partner with experienced and well connected consultants like ourselves.

You will be asked to register as a candidate of  CBD and asked to simply upload a RESUME. Once you have uploaded your details, you can apply to as many positions as you want now and in the future. Please also keep visiting us as more positions will come on each week. If you change any of your personal or professional details you can update your details with CBD . CBD recruits   provide a bridge for individuals to career opportunities to achieve their career goal.  

Understanding  each client’s objectives and needs.

It is within our values to know our clients at a personal level so that we can develop and deliver customized solutions to meet each individual’s portfolio. We care about people and the role of work in their lives. We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims in work and in life.


We dedicate ourselves to find a suitable job for you, so let us do the job hunt for you and let us improve your life. Whether you’re looking for executive, permanent, temping or contract work, CBD Recruits  can help find the right job for you! The CBD Recruits  difference is our candidate care.  We take the time to understand each of our candidate’s skills and requirements so we can match you to the right role to grow your career.

Temporary / Contract Work

Temporary roles offer excellent opportunity to expand your skills, and is a great way to gain experience in a variety of excellent workplaces! CBD Recruits  aims to be a preferred  supplier for temporary administration roles for  the commercial sector. There is always a demand for high calibre temporary    staff  with strong work experience, computer skills and most of all a friendly, adaptable manner.

Permanent Work

If you’re ultimately looking for a management or permanent position, CBD Recruits  is a valuable resource in your job search – you’ll be given priority attention for any available permanent positions. Opportunity to discuss career preferences If you would like to be considered for registration as a CBD Recruits  candidate follow the link below:

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Candidate Application

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